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Recent changes in the pension law could affect your decision to withdraw your funds.

Your retirement system ranks in the top 10% in the state

Ensuring the integrity of long term pension funding for the 104 contributory retirement systems for public employees in Massachusetts is a major policy priority for PERAC.  The Actuarial Unit is the focal point for these efforts. Under law, the unit determines the annual appropriation for each of the 104 retirement systems.


As part of the appropriation process, the unit performs an actuarial valuation of each of the 104 retirement systems every few years. The valuation is a “snapshot” picture of how well the plan is funded at that time. The Berkshire County Retirement Board's funding ratio is currently ranked #6 in the state.


Board of Directors Election

Mr. Mark Bashara was elected to the Retirement Board on December 12, 2016.  His 3 year term is January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2019.  Mr.Bashara, Retired Police Chief in Lanesborough was elected with 364 votes.   Joseph Kellogg, retired from the town of Sheffield, received 228 votes and Rebecca “Becky” Herzog, Cheshire Town Treasurer received 214 votes.